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When you think of a garage door opener do you think of the little clicker in your car? Most people don't even realize that the garage door opener is actually the main operating system for the garage door. It tells the garage doors how far to open and close and also keeps the door "locked" down when it is in the down position.

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Portland Garage Door Openers values your safety, and a properly working garage door opener is part of that.

There are 4 main types of garage door openers, and Portland Garage Door Openers can perform any sort of opener service on all four types:

  1. Belt Drive
  2. Jack Shaft
  3. Screw Drive
  4. Chain Drive

Belt Drive

The belt drive is the most recommended garage door opener. It is a smooth operating system that makes little to no noise. The belt drive has an overhead track in the middle of the garage that pulls the door up and releases it with a belt.

Jack Shaft

A jack shaft opener is not a typically used garage door opener. It is generally used in smaller garages. It operates on the side of the garage door rather than on the ceiling of the garage. These are ideal openers for small garages in condominiums and other such areas.

Screw Drive

A screw drive operates in the same way as the belt and chain drives. Instead of using a chain or belt it uses a metal screw mechanism to raise and lower the garage door. The screw drive opener is great for commercial doors and heavy doors. The screw drive is a bit slower working, but it also allows for much heavier lifting. If you have luxury door this may be the best opener for you.

Chain Drive

The chain drive opener is by far the most commonly used opener. It operates in the same fashion as the screw drive and belt drive. However, the chain drive opener tends to generate more noise than the belt drive openers. It is a cheaper option than either of the other types, which is why most people choose it.

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